Kala Ukulele Reviews: 2017 Buyer’s Guide To The Best Kala Ukuleles

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How to Sing and Play Ukulele at the Same Time in 4 Easy Steps

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Even the Islands of Hawaii are filled of a few truly great items, by the magnificent internet sites to this incredible food items. Even in the event that you have never been there, then you are most likely already knowledgeable about its memorable … [Continue reading]

Best Ukulele Tuner for 2017

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5 Best Ukuleles For Beginners of All Ages

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3 Tips and Tricks to Learning Ukulele Chords

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3 Easy Songs You Can Fingerpick on Ukulele Today

Inside This lesson, we Are Going to discover a few simple solo finger picking songs around the ukulele (tunes which do not possess a vocal accompaniment for these). Being a means to study the right finger-picking methods also to receive our hands … [Continue reading]